Water Quality Issues

High number of beaches experiencing issues….

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Surfers are constantly fighting battles to improve the quality of the water on our beaches and coasts. The length of time spent in the water can significantly increase a persons exposure to bugs and diseases carried in dirty water.  Problems such as vomiting and diarrhoea can be caused by poor water quality at our beaches.

Ninety two of the beaches on the Conneticut coastline will be monitored weekly from Memorial Day through to Labor day this year.  This is to ensure that the water quality meets with the exacting standards and to minimize the number of health issues resulting from poor water quality.

California is also researching ways to quickly deliver water quality tests through lab tests.  This action has been caused by the poor quality of water which is being identified on beaches which are close to drought areas.  When water is not freely available, the first rains tend to cause heavily polluted water which ultimately ends up in our oceans. Whenever a test identifies poor quality of the water, signs are posted to warn people…. Look out for them to ensure that your health is not adversely impacted.

References:  Voice of America News and NBC Connecticut 


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