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New world record = 543 miles, and 47 hours and 37 minutes on a board!

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How on earth do you manage to survive on a board for that long?  But he did – Francisco Lufinha, a 31 year old kite surfer hailing from Portugal broke the Guinness World record for the longest kite surf journey by a male.

He left Lisbon in Portugal on July 5 and surfed toward Madeira Island, travelling a total distance of 543 miles by July 7.  The journey lasted for a total time of   With this mammoth endurance, he broke Rimas’s previous record at 21.00 on July 6, but determination ruled and he continued his journey until 15.00 on July 7, covering a total of 543 miles. The only reason he stopped at this point was because his stamina and endurance were finally depleted with extreme fatigue.

Rimas Kinka set the previous record  earlier in 2015  when he surfed a total of 277.13 miles from Jacksonville to Key West.

New record - longest male kite surf journey

The journey was not without incidents and trauma – Lufinha lost his board on the first night and a very light was required in order for the support boat to locate him.  On the second day, he began to feel pain in his knees – but hung on determined to beat the record.

On the second day, the rough seas began to hit Francisco’s legs. He started feeling pain on his knees. But after 27 hours of sailing, the Guinness World Record holder beat his own mark previously set at 569 kilometers (307.5 nautical miles).

“This is quite hard. I feel like I have two knives stuck on my knees. I hope to have a better night, tonight. If everything goes well, I will arrive at Madeira tomorrow, but I still don’t know at what time,” the extreme kitesurfer revealed after breaking his record.

The final hours were the most challenging.

The last hours were clearly challenging. Francisco fell in the salted water, one of the kite lines broke, and he had to change the kite bar to proceed with his adventure. Moments later, his kite also tore and he had to replace it by a new one.

Thousands of fans world wide, supported him over the entire attempt through social media.

Read the full story in Surfer Today  

The video footage shows him leaving Lisbon at the start of his journey


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