Andrew Cotton: Rider of Monster Waves

Redbull interviews intrepid surfer

Andrew leapt to surfing stardom last year when he rode a monster wave off the coast of Portugal -it was 60 foot high and he emerged from it at a speed of 40 miles per hour!  The 37 year old is a blue collar worker, who works so that he can chase his love…. surfing.  The job pays for him to roam Europe in an attempt to chase down and ride the biggest waves possible.  Although the coverage he received from riding the monster wave has brought him close to becoming a full time professional surfer because of the lucrative sponsorship deals which he has been offered.

He first entered the water when he was 6 in an attempt to overcome childhood asthma.  His love affair with water began as soon as he entered the water and has grown in leaps and bounds since then, culminating in his now infamous ride last year.

Watch the RedBull interview to find out what drives this guy.

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